Registration for Georgia Teen Institute 2023 will open soon!

Georgia Teen Institute 2023 will be held June 12-16 at Oxford College.

Georgia Teen Institute has two types of Youth Action Teams: General and Statewide. Please click on the tab that applies to your type of Youth Action Team and follow the directions provided to complete the registration process.

General Youth Action Teams

Any youth group with willing adult sponsors is eligible to attend Georgia Teen Institute. These groups can be established in or affiliated with schools, community organizations, faith communities, businesses, agencies, civic groups, neighborhoods or anywhere that youth naturally congregate or are invited to participate. If you are interested in forming a Youth Action Team and would like more information, please contact Mary Kate Chapman via email at

Statewide Youth Action Teams

Georgia Teen Institute has up to 30 Statewide Youth Action Teams. Through a grant from the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities (DBHDD), these teams receive additional funding to implement projects specifically related to underage drinking prevention. These teams must meet several grant requirements, including submitting monthly reports and conducting a minimum of six projects per year. If you would like to be on the waiting list in the event of a vacancy, please contact Mary Kate Chapman via email at